The year was 1967; I was a young boy in korea when I stumbled upon a cement brick mold at a construction site. The following winter, my brother and I used the cement brick mold to create blocks of snow instead of cement. Together we built snow castles and igloos, our imagination was our guide.

Almost forty years later, my brother and I still look back on these memorics and the fun we had playing in the snow and building snow castles. Looking for a way to share these experiences and the winter outdoors with my own children, I've developed a lightweight plastic snow block mold that allows anyone to quickly and easily make individual snow blocks that can be assembled to create snow castles, igloos and other buildings that will last all winter long... And create memories that will last a lifetime.

The snow block is easy to use and encourages physical activity, imagination, and creativity in both children and adults. If snow is dry, add some water The snow block will freeze overnight to ice block.