"The Crystal Putter is the latest miracle in golf equipment that allows you to see the green while you putt, assisting you at reading the greens precisely without any distractions while putting."

The transparent crystal head eliminates any other unnecessary lines, helping you to avoid optical illusions, and the aiming lines of 32 Austrian Swarovski crystals help your eyes to obtain the correct, most accurate putting angle.

The Crystal Putter conforms with USGA rules and is legal for tournament play.

The Vertical Shaft  by Idea Hunter, Inc.


Idea Hunter discovered the shaft on the putter CAN show the perfect vertical line, that is, if the shaft is a Vertical Shaft® made by Idea Hunter, Inc.

Pick up a Vertical Shaft® Putter and hold putter grip with thumb and index finger in the air.
Make sure the dot on the shaft is in the middle.
The white color section of the steel shaft will show a perfect vertical line.
(A removable level is given with the Vertical Shaft® to verify this straight line.)

Take it to the green and practice a few times. You will be surprised how accurate you can be using the Vertical Shaft® !

Why Crystal Putter?

"Because of visual optical illusion"

The invisible head of Crystal Putter... is ideally made to avoid any distractions and optical illusions ;


Because there are shapes, colors, lines, shadows on conventional putter heads, people get optical illusions and get confused with many distractions while putting.


No human could avoid optical illusion.


Accuracy like you've never experienced.

Improve your putting skill with Crystal Putter.


Vertical Shaft® Advantage!


* Examples of optical illusion :

E.g1) The gray lines between the rows of boxes are actually straight even though they look wavy.

E.g2) All of the columns of boxes are straight.


E.g3) The diagonal lines are all parallel :


E.g4) Even though the top line looks longer than the bottom one, they are both the same length.



Brand: Crystal Putter

Insert: Crystal clear with diamond cut

Player: Unisex

Putter type: Mallet

Hosel Position: Center Heel

Loft angle:

Lie angle: 70°

Weight of the head: 340g

Size: 32" (81.28cm) / 33" (83.82cm) / 34" (86.36cm)

* Precision Clear Crystal Body

100% pure clear crysral mallet body allows fast ONE AIM ONE PUTT

* Deep Face Mill

Diamond-Cut base provides very soft pro-preferred feel and sound

* Face  Balance

Heel-to-toe weight balance equalizes and maintains balance during the putt.

* Select Wighting

Full balance heel-toe weight balance