The present invention relates to an arm and leg powered bicycle, comprising handle levers, a front wheel, a rear wheel, a handle shaft, supporting frames, pedals, a pedal shaft, front and rear sprockets and a chain belt, wherein the bicycle further includes an operating means for vertically rotating the of a handle rotation handle levers, said member consisting handle rotation shaft shaft, an operating rod or rods and a support, and a means for transferring the rotating force of the handle levers to a pedal shaft, said means consisting of a crank shaft, a rotating shaft, a flexible joint, a driving gear and a driven gear mounted on a pedal shaft.


In the inventive arm and leg powered bicycle with such a construction, the mutual movement of both the handle levers and the pedals causes the vertical rotation of the handle levers by the work of the arms to cooperate synchronously with the movement of the pedals by the work of the legs, whereby the running speed of the bicycle can be doubled and the arm exercise can be conducted simultaneously.