Crab Scissors

Completely different experience from trying to poke around with an awkward dangerous fork or slipping with dangerous scissors! Get shellfish trouble free and a very enjoyable experience!

Sniper/Crystal Putter

The present invention relates to an improved golf putter head with a unique shape and. sighting and alignment system.

4x4 Bicycle

The present invention relates to an arm and leg powered bicycle which can have much higher speed due to the power of the arms in addition to that of the legs and which can also be used for the arm exercise.

Art Work

These are artworks that Paul Cynn drew and painted himself. It looks colorful using various colors.

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The year was 1967; I was a young boy in korea when I stumbled upon a cement brick mold at a construction site. The following winter, my brother and I used the cement brick mold to create blocks of snow instead of cement.


Together we built snow castles and igloos, our imagination was our guide. Almost forty years later, my brother and I still look back on these memories and the fun we had playing in the snow and building snow castles.

Other ideas